Do more than humanly possible
Supercharge lawyers with artificial intelligence.
Stay ahead of the curve Join the world’s leading law firms and in-house teams in embracing artificial intelligence. ROSS is an artificially intelligent system that gets smarter each day to advance your legal career.
Workflow integration in seconds Skip the training sessions. Quick set up and onboarding to get you and your team started in minutes. ROSS is intuitive and simple to use.
Increase your bottom line With ROSS, deliver the value to your clients without writing off thousands of dollars on unbillable research time. Boost both the workflow efficiency and revenue.
“ROSS Intelligence’s technology represents a bright future where talented lawyers are able to leverage artificial intelligence to analyze legal issues and make connections that would otherwise be invisible.”
Ellen Gregg, Vice Chair
“When established lawyers realize how fast, easy, and accurate ROSS is, it will be hard to go back to the pink slips for messages we used before there was email. Ease, convenience, and accuracy sells itself.”
Larry Bridgesmith, Professor
“We are proud to be an early partner of ROSS Intelligence, who are working to bring powerful AI research tools to the legal sector. We are excited to be piloting this advanced capability for multiple practices, with the goal of delivering added value to our clients.”
Ken Heaps, CIO
“ROSS is a tool to help improve our work processes, reduce costs, and ultimately generate better results for our clients.”
Steve Kestner, Chairman
Social Mission ROSS is committed to democratizing access to justice for all.
Law schools, bar associations, and nonprofits use ROSS free of charge.
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“…lawyers will be able to avoid some of the mundane tasks in favor of being able to focus on the nitty-gritty aspects of each case…”
“ROSS Intelligence is an example of how artificial intelligence can be used to improve the delivery of legal services.”
“The law is not static, so your search tool shouldn’t be either. ROSS changes and adapts just like the law.”
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